Earlier this week we had a quick but violent storm front that knocked out our power. A client server went unaffected due to the attached UPS, however, our own server  took a hit.

Let’s just say that our server had difficulties reviving itself.  Fortunately, we have our disaster recovery ‘Shadow Protect’ configured and this allowed us to quickly restore a very recent server image.  If we needed, we could have restored a virtual image of our server to ‘dis-similar hardware’and run on the virtualized system.  This may even be on a cloud based  system. You can not do that with a basic back-up even if you have a Windows Server  image (that requires similar hardware).

The lesson to be learned is this, backups are not the same as true disaster recovery style virtualized server images.  If, in the event of a fire, theft, flood, storm, plague, or some other act of God, your firm would suffer if it required significant length of time for your server environment to be re-created and then have programs re-installed and then files restored then you should investigate true Disaster Recovery.

We work with many excellent estates and elder law attorneys, yet we see many who do not get proper online recognition for their superior services.  The right tools and a well designed internal system, can assure that you receive full credit for all of your good work.

Web Presence and Third Party Client Reviews

Web Presence and
Third Party Client Reviews

You can convert more new clients if you optimize your internal process for obtaining reviews as you close matters for highly satisfied clients. Your client satisfaction survey and modern online tools to promote great reviews are the differentiating factor between average and exceptional results. It is now possible to obtain a FREE business scan to quickly see if and how you are listed in 50+ directories, what existing reviews you have and how you compare to your local competition. You can also receive guidance on steps to take to maximize your online presence.

I learned of the leading online reputation management methods and tools from several clients. The first is a very successful firm elder care firm that employs a timely satisfaction survey to identify highly satisfied clients.  A second law firm has quickly expanded their volume of new business and they aggregate all Client Reviews right off the home page. They feel this has been key factor in converting more clients.   A third law firm client recently was surprised to learn that simply by deliberately asking prior clients for reviews, they received 70+% response rate.

The takeaway is, if they are happy and you know it why not make it easy for your best clients to share their good words.

Primary Tools:

  1. Use of web based tools to create accurate listings in 50+ online directories
    including AVVO, Lawyers.com, Yelp, Martindale, etc.
  2. Manage Client Review: Notification, Collection, Moderation and Marketing
  3. Aggregate Reviews to a Microsite
  4. Syndicate to Sites You Control and get Indexed on Search Engines
  5. Optimize use of satisfaction questionnaire for more and better reviews
    (For example,if you use a program like Time Matters – as you mark afileclosed, use a trigger to generate the Close File Letter with a Satisfaction Survey.  )

The Benefits:

  1. Greater quantity of high quality certified client reviews
  2. Greater frequency of certified client reviews for higher rankings
  3. More accurate and widely published listings to improve conversions
  4. Greater control using review notification and moderation
  5. Build strong trust faster with certified reviews

Let your satisfied clients speak for you and give your future clients a reason to move forward, today.

To learn more call 856.429.3010 or use Contact Us 

Do you know how Time Matters’ unique ‘Package Feature’ utility can save a tremendous amount of time in customizing your system?  Use our FREE plugin to learn more –  FREE  Plug-in to Time Matters – Two Reports to Count Contacts and Matters by State and Zip.

Our goal is to simply show the power and ease of use of a well designed law practice management program – aka Time Matters – send us an email to request your free plugin.  This demonstrates the efficient tool and time saving utility that Time Matters offers to plugin customization from one Time Matters system to another.

Our super simple offer is in exchange for your email and contact info we will send a transfer file that can be imported in seconds.  The file has two summary reports to summarize Contactsor Matter by State and Zip. Yes, you can do this once with Send to Excel, but why not make it easy to do in the future with a Time Matters report.

Sample Using the Time Matters Tutor Training Database

  1. Contact Report – Count by State and Zip Code
    1 – Sample Report – State and Zip Code – Contact Counts by State and Zip

2.  Matter Report – Count by State and Zip Code
2 – Sample Report – State and Zip Code – Matters Counts by State and Zip Code


A good example of  how to ‘Do More With Your Time Matters’ is our proven Discovery Tracking  set-up, which we have highlighted on the following Discovery Tracking in Time Matters pdf file.

Time Matters, like most law practice management systems, is what you make it.  The great thing about Time Matters, however, is a special feature package utility which lets us transfer customizations like this into your system in minutes.  Contact Premier if you would like to see our short Discovery Tracking video (856) 429-3010

Discovery Tracking Using TimeMatterspng

One lawyer whose firm uses all MAC computers continues to utilize Time Matters because of features like TM Insider, which he describes  ‘ because it is so damn convenient’.

Recently, I have encountered more experienced lawyers and their staff who either were not aware or simply failed to take advantage of Time Matters integration with other programs with toolbar items such as TM Insider, TM Save and TM Connect.  Every firm has routine letters and nothing is faster or easier than use of TM Insiderfor producing this type of document.

So our tech gift to those of you who have Time Matters but under utilize it, at least these toolbar items,  is a pdf and two very short video examples to explain how to use and how to configure TM integration with other programs.

TM Insider and TM Save Time Matters Integration with Other Programs

As always contact Premier to learn more.

You may know your Fair Issac Co. score (FICO) score but do you know your PEER score? By PEER score I mean Practice Efficiency and Effectiveness Rating as it relates to any LPM software, such as use of Time Matters.

The Problem:
The most frequent comment we hear by lawyers at conferences about their softwre is:
‘We use (fill in the blank) software but only use 10%, how can you help us use it better …”

The Solution:
First we need to assess how you are doing.  You may have conquered only 10%  but what 10% and ideally what other areas are available and worth pursuing in your situation.  So we have a checklist document that we use as a tool to determine what you do know and don’t know, and what is worth going after.

As the saying goes,” Little hinges can swing big doors” and often the means to save time and to manage much more effectively are right in front of you, hiding in plain sight.  Here’s an info graphic (one small piece of a more comprehensive tool) that you might find useful.
Here is a link to the actual assessment form, please try it (only takes about a minute) .

Do you know your Premier Efficiency Score?

Do you know your Premier Efficiency Score?

Click the Linked text:
Go ahead and fill out the form, it only takes a minute to get your score

Premier most recent business trip John ‘JP’ Papasadora, Ryan Caffrey, Tom Caffrey

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The Problem:    Integration with VOIP Dialing tele voip 2
It has been difficult to integrate Time Matters with VOIP telephone apps for automated dialing.  It is also cumbersome to automatically dial any on screen telephone number using VOIP apps.

The Solution:          PremierDialer™
PremierDialer™ solves this problem.   Time Matters  provides for the capture of various contact telephone numbers and Time Matters provides an automated dialer.  PremierDialer™  will automatically transfer the number and execute the VOIP call.
To learn more watch the Click to View 2 min Video:

Tele.856.429.3010     support@premiersoftware.com

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Your firm is leaving money on the table if … it doesn’t have an effective follow-up system for a few specific situations.  A potential client who invested their time (and yours) to attend a seminar, workshop or initial meeting but has not yet retained you, is worth additional effort in cultivating a relationship. What are you doing to make it so?

Time Matters is what you make it. The following illustrates how Time Matters (or any software with similar features) may become an effective follow-up system that generates extra revenue for your firm. This revenue is mostly net profit since you already have the people and software you need to make it so.

For example,  Initial Consult Follow-up System

After a consultation simply update the ‘Result_mtg’ field (Select:  Retained, Closed, one of several Follow-up options)

Resulting Workflow:
Trigger an immediate letter
Triggers if NYR Not Yet Retained –  2 week, six week and six month follow-up letters

Document Drafting Quicktab
Documents are quickly assembled using calendar Todo records at 2 and 6 weeks and 6 months.  (Note: In the contact record, the follow-up sequence may be stopped by simply selecting “Follow-up Ended” or changing the code from prospect to client.)

Yes, you have to invest some time to get this set-up, however, if you hire someone on a DFY – done for you basis, you can quickly transition to DIY for variations on this set-up for future follow-up sequences.

Either way you will receive a nice return on your investment in Time Matters.

Image 1 Change to Result of Meeting field – NYR – Fee Quoted
triggers multipe future follow-up letters

NYR Not Yet Retained- Fee Quoted


Image 2 Doc Drafting List – Generate documents in a few seconds with a few clicks


Doc Drafting Quick Tab for Follow-up letters

Premier’s Tom Caffrey  is the guest presenter for a Feature Friday
– ‘Essential Reports from Time Matters’ July 10th  at 3-4 PM EDT
Featuring TM Reporter’ – for automatic reports delivered to your inbox.
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