Tom Caffrey will be speaking on how your internal client processing procedures will impact your online reputation, plus show online tools to manage client reviews across the internet,  at the February 24 – 26, 2017 at the Omni Bedford Springs Resort in Bedford, PA.

How do you manage your online reputation?

Learn Need to Know information on how to get ahead and stay ahead with your online reputation. Google now assigns a star rating based on a single review.  One bad review can wreck your rating.  If your online reviews don’t look like this firms dashboard then you need to learn about how to get your firm out in front.

Dashboard of Law Firm Online Reviews


Video Conference Technology for Elder Law Attorneys

About the Speakers

Michael J. Amoruso is a NAELA Fellow and Vice President. Tom Caffrey is President of Premiere Software. Stephen J. Spano, MBA, JD, CELA, CAP, practices elder law in Saugus, Massachusetts.

Wednesday, February 22, 2017  • 12:00 PM ET • 11:00 AM CT • 10:00 AM MT • 9:00 AM PT (up to one hour) To Register: To avoid any security/system time out settings, please sign in to your NAELA account first before clicking on the event link to register.
Cost: Free to NAELA Members

Get the Most Out of Your Lunch and Learn

This Lunch and Learn is based on the NAELA News article by Tom Caffrey of Premier Software. To get the most out of this Lunch and Learn, we encourage you to read this article first.

The Conversation
Web-based video conferencing is changing how some elder law firms allocate limited time, expanding how they deliver legal services, allowing firms to offer a more personal client experience, and, most importantly, making a favorable impact on firm profitability. Visualize your firm’s use of technology 10 years ago compared to what you use today and try to imagine how you will be using technology in five or 10 years. Is there any chance that online visual collaboration will not become a greater part of your firm’s operations?


Opportunity Cost ‘What a Concept’: 

A four lawyer firm, 15 active users, elected to rent a server five years ago. Server hardware, set-up and related maintenance and remedial support is included.  Compared to a hosted server from any number of vendors at a per user monthly cost of $80. to $150 and the math adds up over five years to $100,000.

The lesson is this, get a second or  third opinion before you commit to that ongoing cloud expense.  You can have a managed on-site server for a fixed monthly fee and have access to it from anywhere.  It is actually easier and faster in use and better for printing compared to the ‘cloud’ hosted server option.

What about disaster recovery, backup and redundancy?  
Disaster recovery on-site and also online (i.e. in the cloud) is something every firm should have in this new age of ransomware.  This too is a newer standard option. Disaster recovery can actually be set to run on totally different infrastructure supported by a company other than the primary system provider.  What if your hosted system (cloud) provider stops answering their phones.

If you would like to speak to a partner at the above referenced firm, or law firm owners in similar firms who have also saved a bundle while benefiting from better performance, just give us a call or send an email.

A search of Certified Elder Law Attorneys in California and Massachusetts, found 41 of 54 CELA’s had ZERO Google reviews.

Read about ways to manage and even syndicate online client reviews to your advantage.

Estates & Elder Law: How to Fix the Hole in Your On-line Reputation




TextMagic is a web based service that offers many Text related features. I use it to bridge the gap between communicating between Smartphone SMS text and use of PC based email.

My example involves communicating with Ryan, my son, a junior at Franklin and Marshall.  Ry is a champion at text messaging, while I on the other hand prefer email. Enter TextMagic – at $.04 cents per 152 characters.  I can login to my account and send emails to my son’s smartphone at $.04 per text message.  Longer email messages are broken into a series of up to six SMS text messages.  SMS replies and delivered back to me as emails.  So, problem solved, my young son gets his texts and I get my email.

If you, like me, would prefer using email and the convenience of using your PC for sending SMS text messages, go ahead and try it. Visit and buy a bank of messages, $20. will allow 500 SMS messages.


Client Reviews are often compelling ‘stories’ that once read can motivate new contacts to become new clients. This type of advertising and marketing can’t be bought, it is only earned thru all of your firms’ good work. Certified online reviews facilitate the process of getting the word out as they are the modern form of Word of Mouth marketing. The New Online Reputation Management NORM involves leveraging the power of client reviews through publication in multiple online venues. This generates more ideal clients because they originate from the best source possible, your most satisfied clients.

Click Here to View 10 Ways to Define and Measure Success Online


If you are a NAELA member see our Article on Video Conferencing for Estates and Elder Law Attorneys in NAELA NEWS. Summer 2016 and NAELA Webinar Spring 2017

  • How firms are using the latest video conferencing to ‘totally change’ their practice
  • What specific video technology is being utilized
  • Who has already implemented video to gain a competitive advantage
    including such well known attorneys as ElderCounsel founder Michael Amoruso, technology champion Stephen Spano, CELA, CAP  and the very effective intra office set-up of Marshall, Parker and Weber.



Two years ago we started our own hosting service and used it ourselves for a year and also with a client. It worked fine, but we backed away from that structure because, honestly, even with a certain level of redundancy, the thought of a central point of failure was too scary.

We continue to offer both traditional server arrangements, as well as, subscription based, cloud style contracts for an on premise server. We include remote desktop services (terminal server) as required.  We have added a Disaster Recovery (DR) option where the entire environment may be brought online separately using both a local device, and if needed a remote DR location.  This can be done at a savings of up to one half the price that I see hosted system providers charge and at the same time allows Premier to make a decent margin.

For my money, you get the best price/performance with an on premise server with remote desktop services.  Regarding terminal server, one 70 user firm  we support has 30-40 users who have worked in terminal services mode for the last 10+ years. Other smaller firms have their own subscription based server in their office, except for one firm which is totally virtual so we have had their server in our location for the last few years.  Most firms run TM, Billing, Office, Adobe, HotDocs and Quickbooks.

As reliable as the hosted service providers seem to be, my ideal system configuration calls for a separate Disaster Recovery (DR) infrastructure, as independent and separate as possible.  In other words, If Plan A fails do you really want your Plan B to be totally dependent on the same people and related resources that provided Plan A.   We are using standard Microsoft technology to support Plan A, which is familiar to by most local techs, if ever needed.

Our Plan B involves DR software and a local device and offsite option. This provides the means to virtualize the entire server and PC environment and operate locally if/when needed or operate off-site.  BDR also provides the means to test the failover plan, as often as desired, or try out new apps or the effect of a new upgrade.  In the age of ransomware, it seems DR is a level that is now highly desired and increasingly required by law firms.

We have investigated and know others who have worked with DinCliud, AirDesk, Legal Anywhere, Uptime Systems and Abacus Cloud, and with all of the above, my questions to fellow consultants and law firms involved with online systems are:

‘Do you firms have a backup only or a true disaster recovery strategy’

‘Is it separate from the vendor’s primary infrastructure, i.e. an independent data center, run by separate staff?’

Does anyone offer the ability to ‘recover and run their hosted environment on a device at their firm?’

‘Compared to on premise, ‘Do your online system providers require special apps, extra steps or have slower performance especially when printing or scanning?’

‘How much does an extra GB cost from a hosted system provider?’

‘Do temporary staff require logins that cost just as much as a regular user? ‘

‘Do you have restrictions on Administrator level access?’

Any other unexpected plus or minus using your hosted system provider?

The following IMO is a good example of the power and flexibility of Time Matters applied to a common law firm task

I just received a call from our client Hannah who stated,  ‘I have another Excel file for our Mailing List. I need to import and print labels).  So how long would you say that would take, using your system what ever that is ????

We combined ‘concatenated’ first and last in Excel to create a full name, saved to CSV, next in Time Matters created an import template from scratch, imported 726 new Contact records coded as Professionals with a profession of Financial Planner – searched tagged and printed labels.  I noticed on my telephone display the total time was  9 minutes and 15 seconds  Can you do that with your  practice management software?

If you know how to actually use these basic features, I believe you can save boat loads of time and manage your practice far more efficiently.



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