Time Matters™, is good out of the box as a generic, all in one Contact /Matter management system. Time Matters is much better when it is customized to support each step of each process within your office. Time Matters can be a fantastic asset when you have it fully developed and your staff is trained to a high level of proficiency.

WealthData Practice System Add-on for Time Matters™
Premier offers several ‘overlay’ packages that customize Time Matters™ for Estates, Trust and Elder Law practices, as well as, Civil Litigation. The overlay is a composite system based on development and installation at more than 200 advanced estate and elder law firms. It can save hundreds of hours of your time and of thousands of dollars of outside consulting for customization charges. It will  also help develop your systems to an advanced status much faster.

Premier  offers ‘MTM’ an online forum with monthly live training classes.  This is subscription based and provides unlimited access to scheduled classes and other benefits. The more you use it, the less the effective hourly cost – a small fraction when compared to one-on-one training and consulting.

Again, the best way to get started is to contact us and arrange a time for an on-line web based meeting.  Make a list of your top requirements.  I a sure we will have proven solutions we can show you plus options to solve requirements you have not yet defined.

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