Impress clients and improve your efficiency. The most time and cost efficient approach that achieves results quickly. Create new forms or use or modfiy ours. Premier Online Forms are based on our work with nationally known estate and elder law firms. We now offer a forms package for estate planning, probate, trust administration and guardianship/conservatorship matters.

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For example – Estate and Elder Law –
In one comprehensive secure,shareable,easy to use online form capture
Client/Spouse/Children/Grandchildren/Advisors/Agents/Healthcare Agents/Guardians
Banking/RealProperty/Investments/Retirement/Insurance/Misc.Personal Property/Gifts/NotesPayable
Answers to Issue and Concerns/Secure File uploads/with Automatic Calculations by Type
plus all many form features listed below.

Premier helps you in three ways:
FY – first we do forms for you,
WY – then we work with you 
BY – ultimately you may create and use forms done by you.

Premier Online Forms cost less and do more than forms created in online practice management systems. Our forms employ best in class online forms technology and therefore offer far more form features and achieve that at a reduced cost.

If your client intake operations are a bit stuck in the mud and require time consuming, duplicative and error prone data entry, you would do well to investigate Premier Online Forms. Ask us about our free trial.

Form Features include:

Save & Resume –  Allow users to pick up right where they left off by saving their progress on partially completed form responses.

Calculations – Let your forms do the math for you—build powerful calculations that can total costs, compare dates and so much more. Dynamically calculates as

Conditional Logic – Control what fields your users see and when they see them with our easy-to-use conditional logic builder.

Integrations – payment processing , Zapier connections and MS Power Automate

Lookup Field – Think of it as a choice field with superpowers! Use it to populate drop-downs, perform calculations or display text from another form’s entries.

Document Merging – Create PDF and Word docs from your entry data, completely customized the way you want.

Repeating Sections & Tables – Collect as much or as little data as your customers can give, without any extra work or adding a lot of clutter.

Data Encryption – Keep your form data safe and sound when you enable entry data encryption and protect fields that contain sensitive information.

Electronic Signatures – Go paperless and collect signatures on every form and on any device.

Entry Sharing – Give your users the ability to update their entries even after they’ve already been submitted.

File Uploads – Capturing multiple files at once, setting file size and type limits—it all comes free with every single Cognito Forms account.

Multi-Page Forms – Get more responses to your complex surveys and long forms with page breaks, progress bars and conditional pages.

Payment – Accept secure credit card payments with PayPal, Stripe or Square. Create payment forms, order forms or collect donations.

Analytics & Tracking – Connect your Google Analytics account to gain user insights, optimize multi-page forms, and improve PPC campaign performance.

Import Form Entries – Use Excel to add entries to your forms. Save time when populating Lookup field data and moving forms between accounts.


             Analytics & Tracking

             Card on File

             Countries, Languages & Currencies

             Data Reporting

             Email Notifications

             Entry Management

             Form Confirmations

             HIPAA Compliance

             Import Form Entries

             Lookup Field

             Quantity Limits

             Rating Scales

             Responsive Forms

             Security

             Spam Prevention

             Style Customization

             Template Sharing

             Unlimited Forms & Fields

             Website Embedding