update 2024, – five years ago you could likely get into the google serach 3 pack on page one with only a few 5 star online reviews, whereas today firms are targeting a minimum of 200-300 online reviews for page one results. Yes keep after great reviews, but also consider organic marketing thru an active client care program and use of our firm branded, mobile first ‘client app’. 


orig post from 2020

If your firm isn’t ranked as prominently as it could be, perhaps the mystery can be solved with an assist from Sherlock Holmes’ famous observation of  ‘the curious incident of the dog in the night-time.” Adventure of Silver Blaze

To paraphrase:
Gregory (Scotland Yard detective): Is there any other point to which you would wish to draw my attention?
Holmes: To the curious incident of the clients on the internet (dog in the night-time).
Gregory: The clients did nothing on the internet (dog did nothing in the night-time).
Holmes: That was the curious incident.

The most powerful marketing is a satisfied client who speaks enthusiastically on your behalf.  Highly satisfied clients may be easily guided to ‘pay it forward’ to others in the form of online reviews.  Nothing is more compelling, just read recent reviews below from July for firms we support.

These reviews stand out with the quality of client descriptions of their experience and speak to the quality, speed, value, control and peace of mind that your services provide to your clients. During the fours years we have offered review generation and management support we have learned what to say when and how to best ask for and receive high quality reviews.

We would be pleased to provide a FREE ASSESSMENT of your firms current review and reputation status along with suggestions on you cam improve your online status.

Simply drop us an email or call and we will provide a comprehensive report within 24 hours. Reduce or eliminate your spend on Google Ads and let your best clients speak for you. We can show you how.
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Clients can best attest to the quality, speed, value, control and peace of mind thay obtained by working their attorney – Read below  A Few July 2020 Google Reviews of Lawyers We Support:

Where do I begin ? This firm is not just a law firm , its like having an extended family that has your back every step of the way ! I have never met anyone that has worked harder than the incredible people at H&D ! Your health and safety are put first before anything. They are always there when you need some reassuring that everything will be ok . Im thankful for them everyday !
On a personal note thank you Christine ! You and your team are amazing ! The way you all go out of your way to make sure everything is taken care of is not something that you see much anymore . Thank you !

  • – – –

ALL staff members were courteous, prompt with call-backs and also knowledgeable. I felt that I was thoroughly guided through procedures. I contacted The Elder Law Firm 4 years ago, in the midst of my elderly, mobility-weak Mother’s fall that resulted in major surgery and lengthy rehabilitation. Unsure of Mother’s future needs and of the challenges in establishing a plan to meeting them, I contacted The Elder Law Firm. I received timely, compassionate and personalized guidance, with viable options for Mother and me to consider. My anxiety was calmed and we succeeded in establishing a plan that carried us successfully through her ever-changing next 4 years, prior to her passing at 94 years old. I extend a shout-out of thanks to Dennis, Donna, Carolyn, Elizabeth and Lauren!

  • – – –

 In late February, 2020, I needed to file from out of state for successor Letters Testamentary in Harris County for my father’s estate. The attorney I used, Ryan Cook, returned my call promptly, gave me the option of hourly or flat rate fee, explained what would be involved, then let his paralegal and other staff handle most of the contact with me. I worked with Kendall and Crystal. Both were very responsive and tech savvy. As the pandemic hit and communication everywhere was getting difficult and the probate court had limited access, these women continued to stay in touch and help me through the process, with us all working remotely. We were all experiencing a new way of being in the world and all three of them handled it with grace, humanity and efficiency. « less

Business response on Google Aug 03, 2020 10:10 PM (PST)

Louisa, thank you for such a nice review. COVID-19 certainly has changed a few things but we’re glad we were able to still assist you out of state. Stay well!

  • – – –

Elder Law of East Tennessee and most importantly, Attorney Bailey Schiermeyer, had been a valuable resource for my husband and I in the past and again, most recently, with the unexpected passing of my husband. All our end of life decisions/Power of Attorney/Trusts were expertly handled in their office with a very attentive caring staff. All steps in the process were explained in detail. Recently Ms Schiermeyer helped me again after my husband’s death. She was very helpful and compassionate and was able to give me peace of mind during the process. Highly recommend this firm AND Ms. Schiermeyer.

  • – – –

We have been clients of attorney Joseph Hoffman, Sr. and his associates for over 20 years now. Mr. Hoffman takes the time to get to know you and doesn’t mind using his time to counsel teen and young adults in order to help them have a better understanding of the law. Mr. Hoffman, like his associates, help make clients feel at ease and explain everything in detail so you understand the process. No matter what legal problems we have encountered, the firm has been able to get us fair results in cases. During the last 11 months, we faced a very grim legal matter. Two months ago, we were able to avoid trial altogether. Thanks to the tenacity of our most recent lawyer, Vicente Campo , my family member’s outcome was more than what we expected. Also, while we went through this ordeal, every time we needed to speak to Vince whether by phone or in person, he was always available. Jody Sheneman, his assistant, treated us with compassion and understanding. She answered our questions, even if for the 3rd or 4th time, and eased our anxieties with patience and kindness. When we call, we never have to wait on the line for a real person to answer and if we have to leave a message, they get returned within the hour if not, the same day. No matter which location we have gone to, the reception area is inviting and peaceful. The employees are friendly and accommodating. We have always felt treated like family. If we call with questions of small legal matters, they take the time to answer them as a courtesy right over the phone. My family and I can’t imagen going through any legal situations without Hoffman & DiMuzio’s firm. As long as we live in New Jersey, they will always be our firm. You cannot go wrong ever choosing them to represent you. Mr. Joseph Hoffman has a saying which I will paraphrase: “you (the client) are the boss, if you are not happy, we make it right


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Attorneys, and even the experts in law firm marketing,
almost always overlook a certain critical aspect of online reviews.

In a recent webinar, a very professional legal marketing consultant, totally missed emphasizing the critical opportunity lawyers have that transforms a boring five star review into a great five star review.

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Online Reviews Are Free, Yet Almost Always Overlooked

You know highly satisfied clients are your best advocates. In online reviews clients can make positive statements that you simply can’t, and they do so effectively and uniquely. You may not know that search engines treat online reviews much differently than testimonials on your web site.

We analyzed many five star reviews and have discovered a consistent pattern. Great online reviews have certain characteristics which we describe and illustrate below.

Great online reviews translate to great results in online search results. Most people (83%) equate great online reviews the same as in person recommendations.

Frequent positive online reviews motivate new clients to move forward with your firm. Unfortunately, over 90% of estate and elder law firms are passive. Passive attorneys have few if any online reviews, and sometimes negative reviews.

The Five Elements of a Great Online Review

A good review becomes a great review when it has compelling narrative from a gratified client. In particular, great reviews have strong paragraphs that address five key aspects of your services: Quality, Speed, Cost, Control and Peace of Mind

A good review often starts with the client stating how knowledgeable you are.  They often include keywords to describe the nature of their problem, explain how you and your staff thoroughly and patiently helped to explain otherwise unknown options and helped guide them to a resolution.  This speaks to the quality of your specific services.

Great Reviews will speak to the timeliness of your support. ‘All phone calls and emails were responded to promptly’.  Clients speaking about your fast, efficient service can set you apart.

Any unexpected costs are often the reason for a negative review.  However, a great review will have the client state that it was ‘the best investment they ever made’. Either way, client reviews can speak to the value of the fee for service.

It can be intimidating to visit a lawyer. As multiple clients make statements such as ‘they simplified complex issues’, and ‘used language we could understand’ or ‘they answered all of our questions’ prospective clients know they can be comfortable with your client process.

I used to think this was nebulous phrase, but reading reviews like those in the selected examples below, it clearly is an important factor that can motivate people to move forward.  Great reviews show your humanity and allow you to make a connection in a way that a legal technical article or blog post never could.

If you would like to speak with one of our law firm we have an expanding list of firms located in Tucson, AZ; Los Angeles, CA; San Diego, CA; Denver, CO; Tampa FL; Atlanta, GA; Springfield , IL; Kansas City, KN;  Greensboro, NC; Utica, NY; Baton Rouge, LA;  Boston, MA ; Saint Louis, MO;  Woodbury, NJ; Philadelphia, PA;  Chattanooga, TN;  Houston, TX; Virginia Beach, VA;  Tacoma, WA

What Premier Can Do for You
Premier Software provides the coaching and web based technology needed to acquire and manage great online reviews. To learn more about how you can improve your firms compelling content by maximizing your online reviews read the online review we received below, and then please contact us.

on Google, Apr 27, 2017

Elder Law of East Tennessee

Tom has helped us manage our online reputation by consolidating all our reviews from different sources in one easy-to-use resource. This allows us to track reviews, attract reviews from different websites, boost our Google ratings, get valuable feedback from our clients, and respond promptly to reviews. With Tom’s help, we have switched from a reactive to a proactive approach. Rather than feeling worried about what we can’t control, we now feel confident about our online reputation. Tom checks in regularly to share new ideas and is always available when we have questions. We’ve had an all-around great experience. Thanks, Tom! « less

All the best,

Tom Caffrey
Premier Software


Samples of GREAT Online Reviews

Please read below actual reviews with the type of compelling content that Premier Software can help you obtain and display on your web site and in social media.


5 ★  on Google Aug 15, 2017 Crotwell – Elder  Law  of  East Tennesee                           Shared on Facebook

Roy Liuzza

Amelia and her staff helped us with life planning and organizing our insurance and assets — they were all unfailingly polite, generous, friendly, and helpful. Everything was explained clearly, the documents were all in order — and in the one case where they were not, everything was corrected instantly and completely. Planning for the future is never easy, but it’s so important, and Amelia and her office made it as simple and stress-free as possible. We are very happy with our experience and would definitely recommend Elderlaw to anyone with legal needs. « less

– – – – – – – – – –

5 ★  on Avvo Oct 15, 2015 Rosenkranz  Law  Firm – Tampa, FL


Jack and his staff did a fantastic job giving us excellent legal advice and resolving some very difficult legal issues involving medicaid and living trusts. His price was very reasonable and he didn’t even charge us for legal research he did on an innovative idea that didn’t work out through no fault of his own. He and his staff were always very helpful, arranged for numerous phone conferences and never failed to address our needs, and all this done remotely between Michigan and Florida. We were apprehensive at first because of our lack of knowledge but he put our minds at ease and made the whole experience enjoyable. Highly recommended. « less

 – – – – – – – – – –

5 ★  on Avvo Sep 25, 2015 Rosenkranz  Law  Firm – Tampa, FL

a client

I’ve worked with Mr. Rosenkranz for well over a year as he helped prepare and protect our family finances for my husband’s eventual need to be placed in a nursing home. He was placed in a nursing home in March and Mr. Rosenkranz successfully executed our Medicaid application. Innovative and extremely knowledgeable, my family finances are secure and our income is not only preserved, but better than I could have imagined when contemplating how we were going to be able to afford an excellent nursing home and still leave me enough money to live my life. I believe he deserves his position as the top Elder Care attorney in Tampa. There are less expensive Elder Care lawyers but I feel that Jack Rosenkranz set, met, and exceeded excellent goals for our family. « less


– – – – – – – – – –


Shared on Facebook5 ★  on Avvo May 16, 2017 Rosenkranz  Law  Firm – Tampa, FL


After a search for an Elder Law attorney, three different families referred us to Jack Rosekranz. My family hired him to create a trust for my father who was in a nursing home. He and his team had up to date professional knowledge of the laws, local, state and federal, which was impressive. The quality of service we received was excellent. We were kept informed of the progress of our case often in words and terms we could understand. He has also won many awards for his advocacy of Elders. I highly recommend his law firm for any Elder Law service you may need. « less



– – – – – – – – – –



5 ★  on Avvo Jul 27, 2017 Foley Law – KC Bankruptcy – Independence, MO                                      Shared on Facebook


Rachel, and her associates – Barb, Felicia, and Pat offer personalized service beyond all expectations, a powerful winning combination, for anyone sincerely seeking professional, knowledgeable, competent and caring help with bankruptcy. I have found in Foley Law the most able and sensitive gentlewomen filled with Christian virtues with an abundance of empathy, kindness, and compassion and the willingness to go to any lengths to give service which eases the suffering and pain of others. Rachel, Barb, Felicia, and Pat each one uniquely has an Angel Heart and acts accordingly.
Rachel Fol ey was a “God-Send” for me. As I searched the internet listings for an Independence, MO attorney, I believe that God directed me to her name, caused me to feel a sense of goodness and rightness about her firm, Foley Law, and further, that God gave me the courage to face my feelings of unworthiness, overcome my fears and actually contact her. I will always be thankful that I did and that she was willing to take my case.

My initial discussion with Rachel was such a great comfort. I was deeply moved and touched when she shared that her practice was her Christian ministry and she greatly eased my feelings of despair by opening her Bible in front of me and reading Deuteronomy 15: 1 “At the end of every seven years thou shalt make a release. 2 And this is the manner of the release: Every creditor that lendeth ought unto his neighbour shall release it; he shall not exact it of his neighbour, or of his brother; because it is called the LORD’S release.”

I am grateful for Rachel’s kindness and sensitivity, her professionalism, her diligence and attention to detail, and her willingness to guide me and be there with me through the resolving of my financial need. Most of all I am grateful that Rachel ministered to me as the sick and hurting human being I was. I believe that God used her to bless me and do for me what I could never do for myself.

Thank You Rachel, Barb, Felicia, and Pat for all your kindness, from the bottom of my heart. I pray that God will especially bless you and keep you always! « less

– – – – – – – – – –



5 ★  on Avvo Jan 04, 2015 Rosenkranz  Law  Firm – Tampa, FL

a client

My husband had been diagnosed with Lewy Body Dementia about 4 years ago, and recently he was admitted to the hospital. He was not improving, and I was told he needed to be in a nursing home. Everything happened so fast, and I was unsure of what to do. My daughter, who lives in a different state, found Rosenkranz’s law firm online. I called the number and Jack Rosenkranz answered the phone. I explained the situation, and he said I can help you file for Medicaid, and my husband was transferred to the nursing home. Jack said he works with his staff, Rachel and Brook, as a team. Early in this process, I called the office with a dire concern about the application process, and Rachel told me that Mr. Rosenkranz was out of the country for about 10 days. Honestly, I panicked, but after about 15 minutes I received a phone call from him – he was at the airport out of the country, yet he reassured me that everything was going to be OK. He came back from his trip, and I had a meeting with the team. Words can’t express the feeling of honest truth about them. They are very professional, give very detailed information, and most importantly, have compassion for their clients. I can attest to how, as a team, this office works to help their clients. Mr. RosenKranz was honest and never guaranteed any result, but he said he will do his best, and he definitely did. I couldn’t be happier with the results and with the firm. Thank you. « less


– – – – – – – – – –



5 ★  on Facebook Dec 12, 2016 Rosenkranz  Law  Firm – Tampa, FL

Paula Dunigan Bland

I am a paralegal and when I needed help with my elderly parents, wills, powers of attorney, and navigating the nursing home/assisted living facility system, Jack was the person I called. Jack, Brooke and Rachel provided me with all of the documentation I needed and, more importantly, help, information and more compassion than I could’ve hoped for. They took all of my calls and emails (which were numerous) and provided me with help in the navigation of getting a parent into a facility. They assisted with Medicare/Medicaid and spousal support issues for my other parent, as well as offering explanation to my elderly parents of everything that was going on, all in terms that they could understand. They have intimate knowledge of the nursing home/assisted living facilities and are more valuable than I could ever express in this review. « less

– – – – – – – – – –

Shared on Facebook5 ★  on Avvo Oct 07, 2016 Rosenkranz  Law  Firm – Tampa, FL

T Barnes

In my search for the “right” T&E attorney to handle my father’s an d my estate needs, I was highly impressed with Mr. Rosenkranz and his staff upon our initial conversations. They were responsive, sensitive, and detail oriented when explaining the unique options for both my father and me so I made an office appointment with Mr. Rosenkranz for my father. My very intelligent, opinionated, and “with it” 87 YO father typically finds something negative to say about everybody he meets, and even more so for attorneys and about the “justice” system in general. So setting up the appointment for him to sign estate documents made me very nervous when I realized I would not be able to make it to the appointment myself. However, late that night after the appointment, I was shocked when my father called me and raved about Mr. Rosenkranz and his staff. That was about a month ago and he still is talking about how impressed he was with them, totally unsolicited.
Estate planning, wills, and deep family and financial issues are extremely sensitive issues by their very nature. Mr. Rosenkranz’s firm was exceptional and gave me full confidence that these sensitive issues were professionally and responsibly handled in the kindest way for my family and I highly recommend him for anybody requiring trust and estate planning. « less

 – – – – – – – – –

Shared on Facebook5 ★  on Avvo Aug 17, 2016 Rosenkranz  Law  Firm – Tampa, FL


My siblings and I were referred to Mr. Rosenkranz from a friend. We were in need of quick advice as our mother unexpectedly became ill. During our crisis it was the best thing that happened. Mr. Rosenkranz and his staff were thorough with their work and always available to us with questions and/or concerns They made a unbearable situation bearable and for that we will always be grateful. Mr. Rosenkranz and his staff are extremely versed in the Medicaid and Medicare laws and there were no surprises. They said they would get my mom on Medicaid and they did. In addition, they did so in the upmost professional manner. My family is spread across the U.S. but we had no issues with dealing with the law office. My mom and my family will be forever in their debt and would have no qualms about referring anyone in need to Mr. Rosenkranz. « less



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Risky Business – What to Do With a Bad Review

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Dashboard of Law Firm Online Reviews


A search of Certified Elder Law Attorneys in California and Massachusetts, found 41 of 54 CELA’s had ZERO Google reviews.

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Estates & Elder Law: How to Fix the Hole in Your On-line Reputation




Client Reviews are often compelling ‘stories’ that once read can motivate new contacts to become new clients. This type of advertising and marketing can’t be bought, it is only earned thru all of your firms’ good work. Certified online reviews facilitate the process of getting the word out as they are the modern form of Word of Mouth marketing. The New Online Reputation Management NORM involves leveraging the power of client reviews through publication in multiple online venues. This generates more ideal clients because they originate from the best source possible, your most satisfied clients.

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