Let’s assume you have 1 to ten users and are considering a cloud (rental) vs licensed software (buy and maintain) approach for your law practice management software.  In our example, one ‘opportunity’ is a Cloud system at $72./user per month and the other ‘opportunity’ is to buy licensed software with one year of annual maintenance with the option to continue or not continue annual maintenance each year.  Which costs more and what could you do with the savings… You may be surprised at what you will see.

External Cloud vs Internal Cloud

External Cloud vs Internal Cloud Total Cost of Ownership

Interactive Excel Web Page: Enter Your Own Data

Incidentally, I define ‘Internal Cloud’ as your own on-premise system enabled for Internet (dare I say cloud) based access. There are (ahem) folks out there who will assemble, install, maintain your system for you on a contract basis muck like a cloud contract.

Or how about we take the savings and split it – in return we will provide a networked system, web enabled, with maintenance, support and training.

You decide.