In a word, experience.  Our experience allows us to provide far more per dollar invested.

The most valuable feature of Time Matters is the ‘package feature’ utility.  It is generally unknown and the most underutilized feature, except for those clients who have received Premier’s practice modules created and installed using the ‘package feature’ utility. It saves hundreds of hours of time otherwise required to fully customize a system.

 The most cost effective and best performance server and cloud solution is our Premier Advantage, an on-premise server and private cloud solution for Time Matters and other essential law firm applications.   Often half the price of popular hosted cloud solutions with faster performance. These systems have proven performance over many years in firms from a few to a hundred users.

We have the same mission today as when we started in 1985, to provide leading technology solutions to our client law firms. The story of Premier is our history of 30+ years assisting law firms using the best technology suited to their specific requirements to achieve optimum efficiency and profitability. We provide a trusted team of experienced specialists to guide and support your firm in maximizing your use of technology.

In the mid-90’s, a 70 user New Jersey general practice firm asked us to advise on a LPM software choice between Amicus and Time Matters.  Twenty years later that firm still uses Time Matters – in six locations.  A central server supports ‘anywhere access’ for all users – call it a Premier Private Cloud Server. In addition to the normal activities, the the firm also merges contact info for five matter linked contacts onto a pdf based claim petition, saving considerable time every day. All technical support is provided by Premier.

In northern California, an estate planning practice with more than ten year use of Time Matters software, selected Premier Software to help automate their client intake process. Now a PDF based intake allows new clients to leisurely enter their own infomation including Client/Spouse/Children/Guardians/Advisors and every type of Asset.  Using a Premier designed utility this data is then added to TimeMatters in seconds.  The benefit is less staff time and the elimination of typing errors by firm staff.

Yes Virginia, there is a Private Cloud Server  – most cost effective solution possible. In Virginia, a 15 user estates and elder law firm required a better server and better performance.  They acquired Premier’s small office server – our managed on premise server. It supports Time Matters and PCLaw and all other applications. PC’s and the server are imaged daily.  Backup is both on-site and offsite.  Total server subscription cost and last 12 months of remedial support worked out to less than 20% of one of the most popular cloud-hosted system providers

Five users in five locations – no office, is no problem.
A central New York firm required a system to support widely distributed staff, a totally virtual law firm using Time Matters, MS Office, Hot Docs (Wealth Docx™ and ElderDocx®) and other applications.  Their solution since January 2011 has been Premier’s SOS-Server.   On occasion staff  have had extended month long travel without missing a day of work.  Their Premier Private Cloud Server enables daily work from virtually anywhere.

We have a great story for each of our clients. We hope you will let Premier Software help you write the next chapter of your own story of success, using the latest technology in the smartest, most cost effective way possible. Call or email and set a time to begin, today.

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