We work with many excellent estates and elder law attorneys, yet we see many who do not get proper online recognition for their superior services.  The right tools and a well designed internal system, can assure that you receive full credit for all of your good work.

Web Presence and Third Party Client Reviews

Web Presence and
Third Party Client Reviews

You can convert more new clients if you optimize your internal process for obtaining reviews as you close matters for highly satisfied clients. Your client satisfaction survey and modern online tools to promote great reviews are the differentiating factor between average and exceptional results. It is now possible to obtain a FREE business scan to quickly see if and how you are listed in 50+ directories, what existing reviews you have and how you compare to your local competition. You can also receive guidance on steps to take to maximize your online presence.

I learned of the leading online reputation management methods and tools from several clients. The first is a very successful firm elder care firm that employs a timely satisfaction survey to identify highly satisfied clients.  A second law firm has quickly expanded their volume of new business and they aggregate all Client Reviews right off the home page. They feel this has been key factor in converting more clients.   A third law firm client recently was surprised to learn that simply by deliberately asking prior clients for reviews, they received 70+% response rate.

The takeaway is, if they are happy and you know it why not make it easy for your best clients to share their good words.

Primary Tools:

  1. Use of web based tools to create accurate listings in 50+ online directories
    including AVVO, Lawyers.com, Yelp, Martindale, etc.
  2. Manage Client Review: Notification, Collection, Moderation and Marketing
  3. Aggregate Reviews to a Microsite
  4. Syndicate to Sites You Control and get Indexed on Search Engines
  5. Optimize use of satisfaction questionnaire for more and better reviews
    (For example,if you use a program like Time Matters – as you mark afileclosed, use a trigger to generate the Close File Letter with a Satisfaction Survey.  )

The Benefits:

  1. Greater quantity of high quality certified client reviews
  2. Greater frequency of certified client reviews for higher rankings
  3. More accurate and widely published listings to improve conversions
  4. Greater control using review notification and moderation
  5. Build strong trust faster with certified reviews

Let your satisfied clients speak for you and give your future clients a reason to move forward, today.

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One of the most desirable feautures from any practice management system, including Time Matters, is an automated reporting module.  Unfortunalely that doesn’t exist.
However, we think it is a great idea – so we created it.

– TM Reporter –logo premier

Automated Reporting Module for Time Matters

Your Reports,
When You Want Them,
Emailed Automatically to Whomever You Designate
You can not manage effectively if you don’t have reports.

Reports enable you to measure your progress against your objectives
Actual Billable Hours vs Targeted Bllable Hours
Actual Matters Opened by Type vs Targeted Matters Opened by Type
Cash Flow – Events by Date and Time of day with Fee Totals

Reports enable you to manage by exception
Aged Accounts Receivable – Unpaid Bills Over 30, 60, 90 days
Past Due Todo’s – Tasks Past their Taget Completion date

TM Reporter Reporting Features:

Select when – Mon, Tue, Wed, Thu, Fri, Daily,  All, or  ## (Day of Month)

Record Type – Chose your existing reports or select from our library of reports for managing Events, Todos, Contacts and Matters

Record Filter  – Identifies the filter of records selected for the report, Such as Open Todo’s – Due in Next 7 Days

Email Recipient – One or many recipients for Each Report – Includes path to saved report pdf file (plus option toinclude pdf report as attachment)

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The extensive checklist of steps required in a NY state guardianship (Article81) are a great example where Time Matters may be applied to help automate and control the process through use of the ‘chain’ feature.

In this real world example, The ‘fun’ is when each of  the 61 steps are applied automatically when a new guardianship matter is added.  The ‘profit’ comes from your ability to more easily manage the steps  and create billing records, simply by checking each item complete, ie check it  done.  Another example, is when the task for File Papers is marked   done, use of an automatic message (using the  ‘trigger’ feature) to notify the user  to enter the reimbursable filing fee.


Eliminate the time and chaos of not having a system, get started by making an outline. If you have a set of tasks similar to these, consider making a list of items.  Eack item may have a parent/child ordinate/subordinate relationship to another item.  So, to get started, create a spreadsheet with columns for item description, the parent item it is related to and a column for the number of days before or after the parent item.

You may even create a convenient, collapsible Outline containing each item of the chain of related steps to see howthe matter is progressing and to tag mark done and bill multiple completed steps.

Kassoff Chain Guardianship article 81 Kassoff Outline of Chain with automatic billing