TextMagic is a web based service that offers many Text related features. I use it to bridge the gap between communicating between Smartphone SMS text and use of PC based email.

My example involves communicating with Ryan, my son, a junior at Franklin and Marshall.  Ry is a champion at text messaging, while I on the other hand prefer email. Enter TextMagic – at $.04 cents per 152 characters.  I can login to my account and send emails to my son’s smartphone at $.04 per text message.  Longer email messages are broken into a series of up to six SMS text messages.  SMS replies and delivered back to me as emails.  So, problem solved, my young son gets his texts and I get my email.

If you, like me, would prefer using email and the convenience of using your PC for sending SMS text messages, go ahead and try it. Visit www.textmagic.com and buy a bank of messages, $20. will allow 500 SMS messages.