A good idea is timeless and often the product of common sense.

ZolaSuite now provides for their standard reports to be scheduled and delivered to responsible staff automatically. Think about this for a moment, it is simple, brilliant and long overdue. Not all firms are blessed with management that does what is should when it should.  Scheduled reports are a great way to enable coherent structure to the way you manage your firm.

Over the years off-site service bureau billing, on-site Mini Computer, PC, Network, and now Online Service legal systems have all benefited from implementation of the same good idea.  I know this well because over a 40 year period I have witnessed software development on different platforms. Starting fresh out of college, I worked at a company that provided 100’s of east coasts largest law firms with their  ‘Monthly’ Reports.  The law firms lived and died on getting the right set of billing and management reports to the right people and Only One Chance to Get It Right Every 30 Days.  The good aspect of this is the forced discipline it provided.

So add this to your required features and if you use ZolaSuite be sure to implement scheduled reports ...now!

One of the most desirable feautures from any practice management system, including Time Matters, is an automated reporting module.  Unfortunalely that doesn’t exist.
However, we think it is a great idea – so we created it.

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Automated Reporting Module for Time Matters

Your Reports,
When You Want Them,
Emailed Automatically to Whomever You Designate
You can not manage effectively if you don’t have reports.

Reports enable you to measure your progress against your objectives
Actual Billable Hours vs Targeted Bllable Hours
Actual Matters Opened by Type vs Targeted Matters Opened by Type
Cash Flow – Events by Date and Time of day with Fee Totals

Reports enable you to manage by exception
Aged Accounts Receivable – Unpaid Bills Over 30, 60, 90 days
Past Due Todo’s – Tasks Past their Taget Completion date

TM Reporter Reporting Features:

Select when – Mon, Tue, Wed, Thu, Fri, Daily,  All, or  ## (Day of Month)

Record Type – Chose your existing reports or select from our library of reports for managing Events, Todos, Contacts and Matters

Record Filter  – Identifies the filter of records selected for the report, Such as Open Todo’s – Due in Next 7 Days

Email Recipient – One or many recipients for Each Report – Includes path to saved report pdf file (plus option toinclude pdf report as attachment)

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