I came into the office the other day and saw a card in my mail slot, and it really grabbed my attention.  I found myself picking it up and saying hey this looks really good. Why? Because it was my own company’s home page on the face of the card.

This company, www.prospectsmarter.com,  apparently lets you log-in and quickly construct a unique card, for example, a contacts photo and Google profile – you can quickly place it on a card, include a brief to the point message – include a link to a brief 1 minute video where you offer a web based or in person 1-on-1 meeting.  It is not your average, generic direct mail piece.  It costs about $10.00 per card but I have to say it really seems to be a unique and effective approach. I have heard experts say that the sweetest sound to a person is that of their own name, and to me this personalized card is the direct mail tied to web/social media equivalent.

I have a client who twenty years ago left a large law firm and started his solo litigation practice with only a part time secretary.  His passion and avocation is a flying so let’s say he
started his medical malpractice practice ‘on a wing and a prayer’.


Part of his unique marketing was a $10.00 per copy firm brochure that included licensed use of images of the famous painter Thomas Akins paintings. The point is he differentiated himself.

Fast forward, he now owns ten (10) WWII war birds including a P-51 Mustang. Oh, he is also a great trial lawyer.

Thomas J. Duffy in his P-51 Mustang - Cadillac of the Sky

It begs the question, do you know the ‘cost of acquisition’ for your best clients or highest quality referral sources.   Perhaps that is Premier Software and my link to all of this – we can show you the cost and revenue from your best clients and referral sources.
(I currently have no relationship with www.prospectsmarter.com)