Can you think of a “catch point” in your flow of new prospects on their way to becoming new clients. One catch point might be the lack of testimonials on your web site.

The problem: Most legal web sites lack an abundance of client reviews.  
I know of one lawyer with 139 web site testimonials (surprise the lawyer is incidentally associated with a legal marketing company).  Don’t you think all the good words from all the satisfied clients will result in more business and faster decisions.

The phrase catch point describes a method to safely manage an out of control vehicle like side-railing a runaway railroad car, or a truck using a run away truck stop. As potential clients travel across your web site, an abundance of good client reviews will help keep and guide them and favorably influence their decision to use your services.

How to be smart and practical obtaining and posting client reviews?
Be sure to use a Client Satisfaction Survey after each matter/file/case/project is closed to gain feedback, good or bad, from your clients. Certain survey questions will let the client provide permission to be a reference and also approve your sharing of their comments. When you receive a glowing testimonial, do your self a favor by thanking your client and at the same time provide a link to a client review button on your lawyer page on  and

To find the link to a client review page try, for example, visit at by searching for your own name. Find the ‘Write a Review’ button and copy the link.  Send that link to your client to facilitate writing your client review.