Tablet/Smartphone Dictation Solution: How to Cut the Tape by Making Your Tablet or Smart Phone… Smarter

Re-Posted from Original on November 14, 2012 by tcaffrey

Tablet/Smartphone Dictation Solution:
Here’s an everyday problem that Premier’s John Papasadora (JP) recently helped to solve by taking an existing smartphone or tablet and adding some apps and add-ons. Now just about every lawyer in a 20 lawyer firm uses this new way, every day.

Using an inexpensive ($20.00) app for either an Apple iOS or Android device, using Dictamous or Dictadroid,  mobile smartphone users can employ their smartphone or iPad to capture a voice file and have it saved automatically to their drop box dictation folder, and automatically notify the appropriate support staff.  There are options including an app for the PC and usb connected foot pedal for the person transcribing the voice file.

Your dictation can now be completed by the time you return to the office.
Very convenient, very cost effective, our lawyer clients love it…

If you want to totally replace a proprietary digital dictation device and simply use your smartphone or tablet, contact Premier – we can show you how.
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