We work with many Estate, Trust and Elder Law, even Life Care Planning law firms.  Years ago, an estate planning lawyer provided my father, now 92, with his estate planning docs. However, an elder law lawyer could have provided the same documents, and also how to anticipate and deal with future elder care problems – legal, healthcare and financial.  For example, over the years my work with elder law firms has educated me about the increasing dangers posed to older folks from falling.  Plus how to avoid or prepare for dealing with the problem, in advance. In my fathers case we acquired a Help Alert device – recently used twice in two weeks. Hitting the button the first time avoided a fall , and the second time when he did fall help arrived quickly.   Thank you Janie Deleon Male of Rothkoff law firm for the Help Alert tip and and Andy Hook’s newsletter regarding the danger to elders from falling  and to all who do elder law.