SOS Small Office Server / Private Cloudsos-banner-10-2016

  •   Superior Performance of an On-Site Server
  •   Cloud Type Subscription – Predictable and Affordable
  •   Support Remote Desktop Connection and Remote Apps
  •   Superior Features of Proven, Mature Full Featured Software
  •   Privacy and Control Over Your Clients Data
  •   One Fixed Charge for Hardware, Software and Support
       “Peace of Mind for the Small Law Office”
       Installed in leading firms nationally.  (see references below)


  • HP Server – Hardware with HP Warranty Service
  • Microsoft  –  Server Operating Software and SQL Server Express
  • Premier    –  Installation, Configuration of MS SQL and Time Matters
  • Support    –  Includes on-going SOS server support
  • Price           –  Starting at $175.00 per month
  • Guaranteed  –   Includes a Post Installation,  Satisfaction Guarantee

SOS Server with High Capacity Terabyte Disk Drives – Updated 10/1/20123

  • (1) HP Server with Dual Core Processor 8 0r 16 GB Memory
  •  2 Terabyte Dedicated Disk Drives – Raided (Redundant) O/S and Document/Data
  •  Includes BOTH on-site and off-site backups
      * final configuration may vary depending on your selections

Additional Options:

  • Office 365 – Hosted Exchange integrated with Time Matters
  • Microsoft Office 365


H. Richard Keyt, JD, LL.M
LLCs, Business Law & Estate Planning
Phoenix, AZ  
Phone:  (602) 906-4953 ext. 1
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I’ve used TimeMatters since 1998 and love it.  I cannot imagine practicing without it.  I recently invested a lot of time inspecting and trying the latest online practice management systems and not one comes close to the power of TimeMatters. ” SEE FULL POST HERE

You should also buy his TM in a box, which is TM installed on a shoe box size server with one (or more) terabyte data storage.  I bought TM in a box from Tom  Tom sent me a package that had the little server in it.  Our IT guy connected it to our system and Tom’s TM guru JP configured it remotely for us.”

We have had nothing but problems since the installation.  Kidding. First of all the installation by JP could not have been more professional and efficient.  He coordinated with our tech person thereby avoiding those “little issues” that can be big problems.  We have had no problems and no crashes with TimeMatters since SOS.
Eugene J. Malady, Esq. (May 2010)
211-213  North Olive Street
Media, Pa 19063

West Virginia:
You have not heard from me because the SOS (Save Our Sanity) is working.  You must feel like the Maytag repairman.  I know you miss me.  Thanks


New York:
“ I must say, this has been an incredibly smooth process – and quite a nice change from working with (hosted server vendor)”This has been a painless, smooth transition.  We had minimal workflow interruption and JP was totally available in working with my assistant throughout the transition.  We now have an IT setup that is robust, fast, versatile – and always available.  I even have an app on my iphone to log into the system via LogMeIn – and the remote access is also very fast.  Everyone in my office is happy – and that removes a major headache for me.  More important, you were very clear in speaking with me about how the SOS server would work and what it would do and, you have delivered perfectly.  Thank you.
Jean M. Mahserjian, Esq., P.C.
1741 Route 9 Clifton Park, NY 12065