Premier Practice Management – Recommended Resources

Learn from the Very Best!
 You could write a large monthly check and try to learn a cookbook approach to  grow your practice. Ultimately however only you can build, grow, and manage your own practice. Thanks to Google sometimes the best resources for what you need to learn are available for free.  You will do well to make a self directed effort to understand and act upon the golden nugget lessons presented by the best of the best
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  1. Profitable Law Firm Management
     Thomas D. Begley, Jr., Esq.
  2. How to Sell What Clients Really Want
     Jay  Shepherd, Esq.                                    –
  3. Books on Pricing and Flat Fees
    – Ron Baker                                     –
  4.  Financial Value Implications of Employing a Client Maintenance System                               – Gregg Hamilton-Piercy, CFA
  5. Lawyer to Lawyer Marketing and Use of Use Practice Management Software
     – Ben Neiberger, Esq.
  6. Advanced User’s View of Time Matters/SOS Server/Premier
    Richard Keyt, Esq