• From Lexis: Time Matters 14
    Time Matters® 14 and Billing Matters® 14 New Features & Enhancements

New Calendar Design The Time Matters 14 software includes a new, single, unified calendar with a familiar look and feel to help you plan your day and meet important client deadlines.

New calendar functionality includes:

  •  An additional Work Week view
  •  Drag and drop capabilities to change event dates/times and task dates on the Daily and Work Week views
  •  Automatic parallel view to see multiple calendars side by side
    (Daily and Work Week views only)
  • Ability to use Shift or Ctrl keys to tag/select multiple records
  •  Event headers and descriptions will be displayed
  •  The color of event and to do headers will be displayed on the Daily, Work Week, Weekly and Monthly views
  •  Special dates now work like all-day events, greying the entire day

“In-Place Upgrade”
The software upgrade process has been improved in this release, reducing the downtime required to move from the Time Matters 13.x to Time Matters 14 software.Integration with Juris® Software

  • This version improves the integration of the Time Matters and Juris software applications to ensure accurate data synchronization between the two products:
  • Eliminates the creation of duplicate client and matter records in the Time Matters software when the information in the client’s or matter’s Juris record is changed
  • Time and expenses entered into the Time Matters software will appear in Juris Suite with a Draftstatus where Juris Suite compliance rules can be applied
    NOTE: Time Matters 14 software requires the use of Juris Suite 2.6.x or newer software if the two programs are to be linked together.

Other Important Information

  • Customers will also receive two emails about the release, product key emails will be distributed  through November 5.
  • With this release, we will be announcing a discontinuation date of April 30, 2015 for the Time Matters 11.x and Billing Matters 11.x versions.
  • With this release, we have increased our minimum and recommended RAM requirements to 1 GB and 2 GB, respectively, for the Time Matters 14 software.
  • The following will be Not Supported for use with Time Matters 14: Microsoft® Windows® XP, Windows Vista® and Windows Server® 2003 / 2003 SBS.
  • The following will have Limited Support when used with Time Matters 14: Microsoft SQL Server® 2005 (all versions).
  • Before upgrading customers from the Time Matters 13.x to Time Matters 14 versions, we strongly advise you back up the database. You will not be able to revert back to the Time Matters 13 database after the in-place upgrade to Time Matters 14 software. If you need to go back to the Time Matters 13 software after upgrading, you will need to replace the upgraded Time Matters 14 database with the Time Matters 13 database backup copy.
  • Before upgrading Time Matters 10 customers to Time Matters 14, make sure to uninstall the Time Matters 10 software. You cannot uninstall the Time Matters 10 software if you install the Time Matters 14 software over it—doing so will remove your Time Matters 14 installation.
  • Customers linking the Time Matters and Juris software together must now have Juris Suite Time & Expense 2.6.x or higher once the Time Matters 14 upgrade is complete.
  • If you are still using the Billing Matters accounting functionality and have not completed the transition of their accounting data to another system, do not upgrade  to Billing Matters 14. Please note that the accounting functionality in Billing Matters is no longer supported.