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‘At Law Practice Management’

Law Practice Management: ‘Knowledge/Tools/Techniques/Success Stories”
Plus Free, Group and One-on-One Support Options 

The source to refer to when you need to learn about specific law practice management topics, how to measure and manage the subject area and the best technology and techniques to implement. .

Find the support you need to develop yoour system(s) whether it is done by you, with you, or for you.
We use, like and support and have subject area experts for the following technology items used at leading law firms:
Adobe Acrobat, Apptoto, BirdEye, Camtasia, Canva, Gravity Forms, HotDocs, Office 365, Pathagoras, Touchcast (Pitch, Fabric, Academy, Stock), TextMagic, Time Matters, Zola Suite, WordPress.


Here are a  few examples of what you can find:

visit and search for

  1. 10 Reasons to Go, or Not Go, to the Cloud
  2. Lawyering On-line: Listings! Problem, What Problem.
  3. Video and Smart Video, How to Up your Game When Implementing Video