‘We care about your law office technology ,
and more importantly how well you use it.’

As technology changes it creates a need and opportunity to re-invent your operations and client lifecycle process. Many firms still need a digital options for what has always been done without or with less law office technology. Premier supports firms, especially estates and elder law firms, with the selection and implementation of the best technology and training to support your practice.   Premier is one source for many if not most of your law firm technology and support.

We specialize in applying legal technology from the beginning to the end of the client lifecycle, whether tthat involves a transactional client engagement or a relationship based client engagement where your firm stays eengaged year after year with your clients:

Your Online Reputation is critical and we are experts with technology and techniques to acquire great reviews and in syndicating your best reviews to many online locations including your website, in social media, twitter and on a special review microsite.  The technology we provide also alerts you immediately for any online review and facilitates your response as the business owner (all of which helps your ranking). We also can alalyze and fix your business listings (citations) which are often neglected by web and social media marketing groups.

Premier Online Forms are a great way to add efficiency while improving the client’s experience of working with your firm.  Our Premier Online Forms package provides a set of client intake forms using the best software and forms developed with the best, nationally recognized lawyers.

Online Appointment Schedulling with automatic reminders and messaging workflow is another popular area that adds efficiency and improves the client experience.

Online Practice Management – whether that is a traditional network system with remote access or a cloud based all-in-one solution from the leading legal technology providers. Premier assists with your due diligence selection process and supports your transition and best use of online law practice managemet.

Online client care retainer systems are the key to future growth and revenue stability. Premier has more experience in this area than most any other source. We can assist you iin creatingand implementing a subscription based retainer system that is manageable and profitable, For many estate and elder law firms your firms revenue can be doubled over time by offering some basic, common sense services, supported with the right technology.

The bottom line is, we help you improve the client experience, your operational efficiency and a more effective level of management and profitability of your practice.