SafelyMD – Step by Step (or Watch the Video

  1. Create a  User 
  2. Print a SafelyMD emergency access card
  3. Add Files to the user account

– – – – – –
Create a new SafelyMD User account

  1. Login
  2. My Account/Medical Data Card/Add SafelyMD User
  3. Enter First Name, Last Name and Email Address and Save
  4. Select ‘Create/Print’ to print SafelyMD Emergency Access Card

Check for the new SafelyMd user account: My Files/Emergency Access/(User Name)

Next – Add Files to the SafelyMD user account folder

  1. Click to Highlight the User Folder
  2. Press Upload to select up to five files
    (Files are automatically scanned for viruses, encrypted and uploaded.)