Know the difference between the right and wrong cloud strategy! 

You can easily throw away $1,000. or more per user, per year if you choose the wrong cloud strategy.   Besides the financial consideration there are performance advantages which are outlined in the graphic below.   

With an economics background and with 100+ law firm system implementations over 30+ years employing on premise servers and hosted ‘cloud server’ applications, I can draw upon more actual experience than most.   

SOS is our small office server(subscription based, managed for you, satisfaction guaranteed)  SOS is an example of a private server AND a private cloud.  Many of our law firm subscribers are well into their 2nd generation (5+ years) of SOS server experience.  We have users  who will tell you how they traveled cross country for weeks at a time or visited family in other countries for months at a time, without ever losing their ability to get their work done where and when they wanted.

The circled numbers below show how much is left over after you have paid for our private server/cloud compared to a popular system alternative.   

You can outsource the management of your system and still keep the system on-site.

You can get access from anywhere (aka the cloud) and still keep the system on-site.

You can get the best user experience and still keep the system on-site.

You can have both on-site and cloud based backup and disaster recovery and still keep the system on-site.

You will save a bundle (see graphic above) if you choose wisely and still keep the system on-site.


We could charge more and then be able to blast your social media and geo-fence your law firm with advertising but I hope you or your trusted advisor will simply contact us and have a conversation about your system strategy.  A little knowledge at the right time can work wonders.

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