The Problem:    Integration with VOIP Dialing tele voip 2
It has been difficult to integrate Time Matters with VOIP telephone apps for automated dialing.  It is also cumbersome to automatically dial any on screen telephone number using VOIP apps.

The Solution:          PremierDialer™
PremierDialer™ solves this problem.   Time Matters  provides for the capture of various contact telephone numbers and Time Matters provides an automated dialer.  PremierDialer™  will automatically transfer the number and execute the VOIP call.
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Integration 2014
We now have a Nextiva voip phone system. The Nextiva integration with Outlook, and then Outlook with Time Matters is very useful.  Placing an Outgoing call is easy.  There are PC and smartphone apps.  An Incoming call has two screen pops, one allows the option to take the call, and another includes an option to click to open the Outlook contact record.  Time Matters has its own ‘Open Contact’ icon from the Outlook record which gives full access to the contact record in Time Matters.  You can view and add all related records (calendar, email, docs, phone, notes, billing).  Isn’t that better than the old pop a contact and/or a Phone record.

We are still learning all the options in the phone system but so far it is a good user experience.  Also Nextiva has very responsive support right out of Scottsdale, AZ.

I would be interested in uses or challenges others have found with integrating voip, Outlook and  and TM (or their favorite Pract Mgt program).
Tom Caffrey