Video Conference Technology for Elder Law Attorneys

About the Speakers

Michael J. Amoruso is a NAELA Fellow and Vice President. Tom Caffrey is President of Premiere Software. Stephen J. Spano, MBA, JD, CELA, CAP, practices elder law in Saugus, Massachusetts.

Wednesday, February 22, 2017  • 12:00 PM ET • 11:00 AM CT • 10:00 AM MT • 9:00 AM PT (up to one hour) To Register: To avoid any security/system time out settings, please sign in to your NAELA account first before clicking on the event link to register.
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Get the Most Out of Your Lunch and Learn

This Lunch and Learn is based on the NAELA News article by Tom Caffrey of Premier Software. To get the most out of this Lunch and Learn, we encourage you to read this article first.

The Conversation
Web-based video conferencing is changing how some elder law firms allocate limited time, expanding how they deliver legal services, allowing firms to offer a more personal client experience, and, most importantly, making a favorable impact on firm profitability. Visualize your firm’s use of technology 10 years ago compared to what you use today and try to imagine how you will be using technology in five or 10 years. Is there any chance that online visual collaboration will not become a greater part of your firm’s operations?


If you are a NAELA member see our Article on Video Conferencing for Estates and Elder Law Attorneys in NAELA NEWS. Summer 2016 and NAELA Webinar Spring 2017

  • How firms are using the latest video conferencing to ‘totally change’ their practice
  • What specific video technology is being utilized
  • Who has already implemented video to gain a competitive advantage
    including such well known attorneys as ElderCounsel founder Michael Amoruso, technology champion Stephen Spano, CELA, CAP  and the very effective intra office set-up of Marshall, Parker and Weber.