What you need to know about law firm branded, sponsored emergency id cards and online access to essential data and healthcare documents

  1. It is faster and easier to set-up online than to complete and submit application forms, and faster to select files than to print and mail or fax to a 3rd party.
  2. Print client emergency ID cards in your office in a few minutes – no need to wait up to two weeks to receive an ID card
  3. Print multiple cards per client to share with immediate family or physicians
  4. Newer systems,like SafelyMD are 5x times less expensive than many older, popular systems (see cost analysis in attached file)
  5. Newer systems also support easy file selection, even drag and drop to a client account
  6. Newer system provide the means to set automatic email and sms text message reminders    “It’s time to review your emergency ID health care data and possibly time update your healthcare documents.”
  7. Family plans are private client family accounts – high capacity file storage and emergency id cards for all family members
  8. Security  at the folder or file level with full control of  view, print, download
  9. Files are encrypted from end to end, both in transit and at rest. Single and dual factor authentication. Complete auditing of all activity.
  10. Fast access thru a login/password or thru use of a Smartphone to scan of a QR code.
    Use a Smartphone to scan the QR code to show fast easy access to your client at signing.

Premier Software is an authorized provider for SafelyFiled, in our opinion the best system available. SafelyFiled includes SafelyMD and SafelyFiled Family. We are happy to host an online meeting whenever your schedule permits. For a limited time we have a special offer with even better pricing than that specified on the attached pdf.

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See Our Cost Comparison –> Cost Comparison SafelyFiled/SafelyMD vs Other SystemsSafelyFiled_LogoSafelyMD

Thanks to all who visited with us in Newport Beach during the NAELA Summit.
Joan and I certainly enjoyed speaking with you.

The LCPLFA members were hosts for a great party Friday evening on the bay across from Balboa Island. You and the So. Cal community certainly know how to live large.NAELA Summit - Balboa Island - Newport Beach CA

Michael J Millonig, CELA, Dayton, Ohio was the winner of Premier’s full sponsorship to the next NAELA conference.

To Recap:  

Premier featured Wealthdata, our Estates and Elder Law Practice System for Time Matters. This is now used nationally by several hundred leading law firms.

New at the Summit was our SafelyFiled/SafelyMD offering. Safely Filed is a secure, online file storage and sharing system.  Safely/MD  is an extremely cost effective, law firm branded, client emergency ID card with online access to emergency data and healthcare documents.

Premier has offered SOS for the five over years, a managed Small Office Server.  Premier is Now also offering SOS virtually.  We call this SOS-Cloud.  It may include all of your essential applications – Time Matters, MS Office, PCLaw, Adobe Acrobat/Reader, Hot Docs, and more.

MTM is Managing with Time Matters, our training forum with four live training classes every month for a flat charge per user or per firm.

Please don’t hesitate to contact us with any question you may have.

Tom Caffrey
Premier Software



Monday, Feb 9th  Noon ET  Getting the Most from Time Matters;  Plus 30 Tips in 30 Minutes

Thursday Feb 12th 4pm ET   SafelyFiled/SafelyMD                                                                                                               

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Now is a good time to ask your CIC about Lexis’ plans for Time Matters v13, PCLaw etc.  as most of us will be attending the annual CIC conference later this week Oct.17-18th.

Time Matters v13 has been announced and Lexis has integrated   WatchDox, a secure document ‘Client Portal’ as the main new feature.   Actually, WatchDox is more than a simple feature, it is an entirely new File/Synch/Share sub-system and a very capable one at that.

I understand the Time Matters Messenger feature has also been improved for better performance.  There are also details about the continuation of support for Billing Matters, but the discontinuation of support for the firm accounting portion, originally called Billing Matters Plus.

The primary new feature  ‘Client Portal Online File-Sharing’, links from within
Time Matters to WatchDox. This is an  enterprise level  ‘file,  synch and share’ solution and you not find WatchDox as a consumer product.  Documents will be hosted on secure Lexis servers.  WatchDox may be delivered several ways: using a desktop application; using a browser based web interface;  thru dedicated Smartphone apps and of course as integrated right from within Time Matters.

The unique attribute of WatchDox is its ability to set permissions at the document level, not just folder or user level. This allows better control over the shared users ability to view, print, download, forward and expire a shared document.  Permissions may be changed at any time, in real time.

WatchDox can serve as a faster and better way to share drafts, for example, of estate planning documents prior to actual document signing.  A watermark may be turned on and it may consist of two lines at the top, bottom or diagonally and can be set to include viewers name, email, date time, ip address or a custom text message.

The WatchDox Mobile apps include an Annotation icons to enable users  to some text,  or highlight a block of text or to add a note – all layered on top of the actual document. Another icon, the Mobile Editor, allows actual text editing.  Edits to documents are synched to your local copy automatically.  WatchDox can retain versions and versions may be easily viewed and restored.  Finally their appears to be a branding option, but my trial version required additional set-up.

My first impression of WatchDox is a very good one.  Hats off to Lexis for making this very advanced file/synch/share utility available right from within Time Matters.

What’s New Time Matters 13     and       

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