Do you know how Time Matters’ unique ‘Package Feature’ utility can save a tremendous amount of time in customizing your system?  Use our FREE plugin to learn more –  FREE  Plug-in to Time Matters – Two Reports to Count Contacts and Matters by State and Zip.

Our goal is to simply show the power and ease of use of a well designed law practice management program – aka Time Matters – send us an email to request your free plugin.  This demonstrates the efficient tool and time saving utility that Time Matters offers to plugin customization from one Time Matters system to another.

Our super simple offer is in exchange for your email and contact info we will send a transfer file that can be imported in seconds.  The file has two summary reports to summarize Contactsor Matter by State and Zip. Yes, you can do this once with Send to Excel, but why not make it easy to do in the future with a Time Matters report.

Sample Using the Time Matters Tutor Training Database

  1. Contact Report – Count by State and Zip Code
    1 – Sample Report – State and Zip Code – Contact Counts by State and Zip

2.  Matter Report – Count by State and Zip Code
2 – Sample Report – State and Zip Code – Matters Counts by State and Zip Code


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