The following IMO is a good example of the power and flexibility of Time Matters applied to a common law firm task

I just received a call from our client Hannah who stated,  ‘I have another Excel file for our Mailing List. I need to import and print labels).  So how long would you say that would take, using your system what ever that is ????

We combined ‘concatenated’ first and last in Excel to create a full name, saved to CSV, next in Time Matters created an import template from scratch, imported 726 new Contact records coded as Professionals with a profession of Financial Planner – searched tagged and printed labels.  I noticed on my telephone display the total time was  9 minutes and 15 seconds  Can you do that with your  practice management software?

If you know how to actually use these basic features, I believe you can save boat loads of time and manage your practice far more efficiently.



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Time Matters for Marketing and Mailing List Management
Premier Software’s Videomail list management and marketing using Time Matters
Use of Features: Working with Lists, Fields, Search (Filter), Select (Tag), Saved Tag List, Sort, Send to Excel, Print Labels, Saved Tag List, Process Send Email to Selected List

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