What effect can a well designed PDF form have on your practice?

Developed With Leading Estate/Elder Care Firms:

  1. Streamline your Client Intake click! for VIDEO
    Make Initial Consults far more productive
  2. Form for Meetings Notes click!  for VIDEO
    Assign Tasks
  3. Client Satisfaction Surve click! for VIDEO
    complete the missing step of your client
    engagement process, gain insight and referrals;
    let us show how to take client feedback and have it
    appear in an Google, AVVO, Facebook review

All PDF-FX forms can do for you is:
 – save time, reduce errors
– look more professional
– improve the experience for you and your client
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The Effects (FX) are significant.
There is
no risk.
Try PDF-FX for free.

Your form is ready.
We’ve invested the time so you don’t have to.
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#1 Digital Dashboard The first of our 7 recommended Digital Options for Your Law Practice

Digital Dashboard (for SQL Databases)
Try it here http://bit.ly/Time_Matters_Dashboard
Powered by Microsoft ‘Power BI’ (Business Intelligence)


Actionable Information!  (Change Selections and Drill Down Dynamically)

Work with E’s – Efficiency, Effectiveness and an optimized client Experience
(Adobe, Birdeye, Calendly, Infusionsoft, ShareFile, Yext, MS Power BI, Zoom)


  1. Digital Dashboard –  Try it here: http://bit.ly/Time_Matters_Dashboard
    Use Microsoft Power BI for Time Matters
    interactive reporting, graphics, KPI’s
  2. Fillable, Dynamic PDF’s –  Friendly, firm branded client intake forms


  1. Secure File Sharing –  Secure, simplified, firm branded file sharing


  1. Event Management –  Automated event notices, reminders, follow-ups


  1. Virtual Meetings –  Expand your options for meetings and webinars


  1. Online Reviews            –  Review Alerts, Generation, Marketing


  1. Online Business Listings – Claim and cleanup your online business citations


Premier Software is an Authorized Reseller for:
ActionStep, Centerbase, Time Matters & ZolaSuite

If you are a NAELA member see our Article on Video Conferencing for Estates and Elder Law Attorneys in NAELA NEWS. Summer 2016 and NAELA Webinar Spring 2017

  • How firms are using the latest video conferencing to ‘totally change’ their practice
  • What specific video technology is being utilized
  • Who has already implemented video to gain a competitive advantage
    including such well known attorneys as ElderCounsel founder Michael Amoruso, technology champion Stephen Spano, CELA, CAP  and the very effective intra office set-up of Marshall, Parker and Weber.



The following IMO is a good example of the power and flexibility of Time Matters applied to a common law firm task

I just received a call from our client Hannah who stated,  ‘I have another Excel file for our Mailing List. I need to import and print labels).  So how long would you say that would take, using your system what ever that is ????

We combined ‘concatenated’ first and last in Excel to create a full name, saved to CSV, next in Time Matters created an import template from scratch, imported 726 new Contact records coded as Professionals with a profession of Financial Planner – searched tagged and printed labels.  I noticed on my telephone display the total time was  9 minutes and 15 seconds  Can you do that with your  practice management software?

If you know how to actually use these basic features, I believe you can save boat loads of time and manage your practice far more efficiently.



You may know your Fair Issac Co. score (FICO) score but do you know your PEER score? By PEER score I mean Practice Efficiency and Effectiveness Rating as it relates to any LPM software, such as use of Time Matters.

The Problem:
The most frequent comment we hear by lawyers at conferences about their softwre is:
‘We use (fill in the blank) software but only use 10%, how can you help us use it better …”

The Solution:
First we need to assess how you are doing.  You may have conquered only 10%  but what 10% and ideally what other areas are available and worth pursuing in your situation.  So we have a checklist document that we use as a tool to determine what you do know and don’t know, and what is worth going after.

As the saying goes,” Little hinges can swing big doors” and often the means to save time and to manage much more effectively are right in front of you, hiding in plain sight.  Here’s an info graphic (one small piece of a more comprehensive tool) that you might find useful.
Here is a link to the actual assessment form, please try it (only takes about a minute) .

Do you know your Premier Efficiency Score?

Do you know your Premier Efficiency Score?

Click the Linked text:
Go ahead and fill out the form, it only takes a minute to get your score