The esteemed legal marketing consultant Mark Merenda, often stated: ‘The first rule of marketing is to show up’. 

Digital Marketing:
The BrightLocal link below includes the top legal niche directories (there are riches in niches) ranked by domain authority. The list has convenient links to verify or edit your firms information. This might be a good homework assignment for you or your digital marketing specialist.

In today’s online marketing world, accurate information in online business listings and citation sites is critical. In addition to the major sites like Google or Facebook, it is good to have accurate business information in the legal niche sites.(such as Justia, Findlaw and A.V.V.O )


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The accuracy of business listings, directories and citations can sometimes fall by the wayside.

BrightLocal Blog » Top Local Citations by Business Category

Online directories (often referred to as ‘citation sites’) are crucial for local search optimization, and our recent research shows that consumers lose trust in businesses with inaccurate business listings. But which online business directories and citation sites are the best? The citation lists below are the outcome of a huge project to compile the most comprehensive list of niche citation sites available on the internet.