I read once that Walter Cronkite, a avid sailor, had a favorite author, Patrick O’Brien.
Today would be the 100th birthday of author Patrick O’Brien born Dec. 12, 1914, The WSJ refers to this as ‘the centenary of the greatest historical novelist ever, and one of the best novelists of our era” 

In the ideal world, we all would take a week off in late December or during January and let our business minds re-charge by visiting with family or maybe by reading a good book. If you are looking for a good book to read as sit on a beach in January and re-charge, I absolutely recommend any of the series of 20 Patrick O’Brien novels. The book covers are even worth collecting here’s a picture of mine right behind my desk in the office.

"The Mauritius Command"

“The Mauritius Command”

by Geoff Hunt, [BOOK COVER] Sunset in the Indian Ocean, viewed from the upper masts of HMS Otter. The Otter, a ship-sloop, was a relatively small vessel with 18 guns. Beyond her are the larger frigates Boadicea, Sirius, and Nereide. All the ships are busy shortening sail and taking in their topgallants – a common precaution at nightfall if squalls were expected.