On the plus side, we think you will like the new calendar options. We expect better performance with the underlying newer technology platform. We hope to see more innovation on a regular basis due to the technology platform update, we will see.

Before you install, there a few potential gotcha’s that we want to point out.
#1.   Be extra sure to have a solid backup, starting with v13,
newer versions like v14 install ’in place’ i.e. over top of v13
#2.   Minimum PC memory is now 1GB and recommended memory is 2GB
#3.   The ‘classic’ calendar, some color related options are removed
#4.   Be sure to disconnect any flash drive or external drive before installing TM14
(Reconnect it later, especially if it’s a image backupofyour server :~)
#5.   You must uninstall TMv10 from any PC before installing TM14
#6.   Time Matters v11 and earlier are no longer supported by LexisNexis
#7.    Use the  recommended versions of MS-SQL for different versions of Time Matters

Remember it never hurts to wait a short time prior to upgrading, just in case there are wrinkles that should be ironed out first.

Tom Caffrey
Premier Software
(856) 429-3010