Question: What Technology Will Make

  • Your clients more appreciative?
  • Your workload less burdensome?
  • Your cost of operation far more affordable?
  • Your services more valuable?

 Answer:     SafelyMD

(see compelling cost saving analysis below this video)

SafelyMDis a dramatically better way to sponsor online access for your client’s emergency medical data, plus life’s important legal/medical documents, instantly. All it takes is a small one-time $5.00 fee to sponsor your clients’ secure, firm branded and permanent account.

That’s right, SafelyMD is a one time charge per client.

Compelling Cost Savings … (If 100 clients per year over five years)

        Existing Systems                                 vs                      SafelyMD

Per Client at $24/year or $85/5 yrs $5.00 per client
100 clients $2400 or $8,500/5 yrs 100 X $5.00 = $500.00
Per 500 clients (5 Years 100/yr)
100×5=500 x $85
$ 42,500.00
Per 500 clients
100 X 5 =500 x $5.00
$  2,500.00
Effective cost per client $ 17/year Effective cost per client $ 1/year
Your Firms Savings   $ 40,000.00

 Instant Access to Medical/Legal Documents, Branded to Your Firm

  • Emergency Medical Data
  • HIPPA Authorization
  • Healthcare Power of Attorney
  • Living Will
  • and more

SafelyFiled is the big brother of SafelyMD providing 1,000 documents, each up to 1GB.   Your clients will appreciate that their lawyer provided such a safe, easy and useful service.

SafelyFiled provides the means to safely store, organize and share most any type of file with your clients and trusted advisors.  Law firms may sponsor client accounts at a significant discount over what the client would pay directly. Accounts may be set to never expire or expire at a future date.  Temporary accounts for prospective clients are free for a period of time.  Reminders by txt message or email may be set per document for specified users. A complete audit log of all activity is maintained and easily viewed.  Like SafelyMD the accounts and emergency MD cards are branded to the law firm and may be updated, reset and reprinted at anytime. Unlimited SafleyMD cards may be created within each client account.  Documents are organized by folder and each firm may create templates to automatically create desired groups of folders for each new client. Both drag and drop and smartphone apps make it simple to add files to a SafelyFiled account.

Enhance your relationship with your prospects, clients and advisors. To learn more contact us.  The next step is yours.
‘support at’ or call (856) 429-3010.

SafelyMD – Secure, Easy, Fast & Affordable

Add clients online in seconds Simple on-line signup
No need to mail or fax documents
Drag and Drop to upload documents Easy and Safe –  scanned and encrypted
both in transmission while being stored
Branded to your firm Sponsored accounts and wallet cards
branded to your firm
Affordable one-time fee of $5.00/client Sponsor a permanent Safely MD account17x less expensive than alternatives
Accessible 24×7 from any web device Login or scan QR code to access immediatelyFrom any web based device Watch Here!


Emergency Card – Data and (5) Documents
For immediate access you may either:
1. Use your Smartphone equipped with a free QR scanner app or
2. Enter a login name and password.

Each SafelyMD Account:     

1. Branded to your firm

2. Comprehensive Emergency Data

3. Online access 24×7 to healthcare documents

4. Search by keywords (Tags and Meta Data)

5. Secure and Full Audit Trail of Activity

6.  Update, Reset and Print New Cards Online

 ‘John A. Sample”

(Click the Image Below for a Better View)

John A Sample