A recent Google review:

“I can say it’s the single greatest technology change I’ve ever made in my law practice.(full review below)

The Holy Grail of law firm document assembly is a program that quickly adds productivity, is easy to get started, can link to other data sources and rewards the user many times over for each hour invested in developing templates.

I tell lawyers ‘just send me some templates and place the variables in <text> brackets. With that I can quickly convert the actual documents into easy to use templates to demonstrate the power of Pathagoras.

If Word merge is not sufficient, and you are not enthused about dealing with the complexity and terms of using Hot Docs, then Pathagoras, a powerful add-in to Word, developed and supported by attorney Roy Lasris, is worth your serious consideration.

A lawyer’s June 2019 Google review of Pathagoras:

I’ve been using Pathagoras for the past 5 years – and I can say it’s the single greatest technology change I’ve ever made in my law practice. With a little effort, all of my pleadings, letters, etc. are completely automated. With a few clicks, all needed variables are filled in, as well as appropriate he/she, Mr./Ms., auto spelled out dollar amounts, etc, and preparation errors are cut by 95%. With no more effort, custom optional clauses (as lengthy and complex as you wish) can be easily incorporated into the forms, and basically anything that could be created on a “if/then” flow chart, can also easily be incorporated into a Pathagoras-MS Word document forms. The time needed to draft and proof read forms is cut by 80%. With emails becoming such a large part of a law practice, form emails with variables are also easily created on MS Word, and then cut and pasted to emails as needed. Whatever effort is needed to convert your existing forms to Pathagoras-MS Word document forms will easily return a huge profit in time savings, over just a year of using them. In short, I highly recommend Pathagoras, and the customer support is second to none.”