What Motivates a Prospect to Select a Lawyer Online

I-Want-You to be my attorney

A lawyer friend recently told me they now obtain 70% of new business online, where previously they had very little from online sources. People searching online are actively looking for solutions to the type of problems that you can resolve. They are ready to chose their attorney. You need to provide the reason to choose you.  

Robert McKee, the author of Storynomics, states that in the new digital world the most precious commodity is the viewers attention.  To be successful online you need to ‘hook, hold and motivate to action. To accomplish this McKee further states that your marketing communications need to create empathy and involvement

How can you hook, hold and motivate to action someone who momentarily encounters your firm while searching online?

You need to show potential clients that you are the best at solving similar problems for others who are ‘like me’.  Nothing does that better than authentic client narratives on five star reviews. Our work with leading firms with practices similar to your has involved dozens of law firms and thousands of reviews.  We know the best methods of when to ask, how to ask and what to say to your clients that will result in the best possible online reviews. Isn’t it time we start a conversation? Call us at 856.429.3010.

Here’s a short explanation on why reviews are key to your success

Client reviews have many elements of a great story. Every good story has a jump off the cliff moment where someone considers a ‘What would happen if …’  question.  Reviews, done right, are micro stories that can create empathy in the eye of your prospective clients.  A quick story is most effective because it combines both logic and emotion. It creates a sense of ‘empathy’ (in + feeling) where potential clients could easily find themselves in a similar situation. 

To prove my point, I have gathered a few of my favorite ‘great client reviews. (see examples below). We are confident you will agree that these are the best and fastest ways to communicate how you are different, how you can help and why they should act.  Incidentally, the lawyer referenced above with 70%  of new business from online sources, made a move to be proactive in seeking and managing online client reviews.  

To learn more read our favorite reviews in the section below and then call us and let us show you how to best generate and maximize the impact of great online reviews. 856.429.3010

Some of our favorite ‘great client reviews’ 
for estate and elder law attorneys

Laurie Ireland 
I honestly don’t even know where to begin! I feel like a weight has been lifted off my shoulders that I’ve carried around for 3 years! As regular folks, we have NO idea the complexity of senior estate planning, benefits or assistance (if needed). We hired Elder Law of East TN less than three months ago and now my 84-year-old mother, who has dementia, is living somewhere safe and beautiful with wonderful staff and round-the-clock care! I could have never figured this all out on my own. Julia, Jill and Hailey are my heros!! If you have an aging parent that’s going to need assistance and you don’t know where to turn… PLEASE get in touch with these fine people. They WANT to help, they know HOW to help… they WILL help! Peace and love to you all! « less

Business response on Google May 22, 2018 05:00 PM (PST)

It has been our pleasure to help you and your mother! We are beyond pleased that she is now in a safe, comfortable environment and that you are happy with the outcome. Thank you for sharing your experience!


I needed to settle an estate case where my father had passed away overseas where he had retired. My mother had passed away a few years prior and my father had a checking account in Massachusetts that had no beneficiaries listed, so my siblings and I needed to go through the probate process to gain access to the account. I live in the Midwest, but the case needed to be settled in a Massachusetts court, so I went on line and randomly picked Tiffany O’Connell and her team based on clients’ reviews. I didn’t know what I was getting myself into, but I was lucky to have picked her firm.
I never had the pleasure of meeting Tiffany in person, because all paperwork was handled through emails. It was a complex process due to the nature of the case, but the firm worked very efficiently to get the case settled as expeditiously as possible. If there was ever a question about paperwork, I would get an answer almost immediately from Tiffany herself or one of her paralegals.
It goes without saying that Tiffany O’Connell Law LLC is a team of true professionals who work tirelessly for their clients. They’re also a very friendly bunch whom I give my highest recommendation for future clients who need representation. Thank you Tiffany! 

Yelp ★★★★★
I was in pretty dire straights when I was finally referred to SD Elder Law. My healthy mom was diagnosed with aggressive malignant brain cancer with only 2 months to live. She had no medical insurance and a massive hospital bill, with no estate planning, and the tumor was pressing on her language center making her care which was all on me believably difficult. I had sought another firm and although already started processes with them felt I was not being represented well and took a hit and left them. I called offices of attorneys I found on the internet and in forums from around the country. The answer was always the same, that the hospital would claim the estate. I spent 18 hours a day for 3 weeks researching and learning, trying every angle I could think of. I have no legal experience. I did an initial consultation with Rob Dieringer and it was clear in that meeting that I wanted to use SD Elder Law. Within a few hours Rob had set out, using the board to elucidate points, a legal means to qualify for Medi-Cal. He is cogent and has a keen mind that gets right to the point, no chaff. I felt re-oriented and it transformed the whole impossible experience into possible. Liz was in constant communication and the firm set a flat rate and handled all the communication they could with Medi-Cal. I was taken care of, and my mom’s estate was protected. I highly recommend this firm. Their knowledge opened up possibilities that other attorneys didn’t know existed. « less

★★★★★ Claudia Tarver Melear 

Julia Price saved my life when decisions had to be made about my husband who has Parkinson’s Disease and had fallen multiple times. After a two hour consultation I understood how ELET could assist me in the difficult decisions regarding where he could live safely and how it could be paid for. Subsequently, an entire team assisted me. Jill Shoffner, Hailey Michel-Evleth, and other staff helped me make the decision for placement in a facility.… more »Business response on Facebook 

Thank you for the glowing review! We are blessed to have clients like you and your husband as part of our ELET family. Knowing we have helped improved your lives is what makes our work meaningful!

T Barnes 
In my search for the “right” T&E attorney to handle my father’s and my estate needs, I was highly impressed with Mr. Rosenkranz and his staff upon our initial conversations. They were responsive, sensitive, and detail oriented when explaining the unique options for both my father and me so I made an office appointment with Mr. Rosenkranz for my father. My very intelligent, opinionated, and “with it” 87 YO father typically finds something negative to say about everybody he meets, and even more so for attorneys and about the “justice” system in general. So setting up the appointment for him to sign estate documents made me very nervous when I realized I would not be able to make it to the appointment myself. However, late that night after the appointment, I was shocked when my father called me and raved about Mr. Rosenkranz and his staff. That was about a month ago and he still is talking about how impressed he was with them, totally unsolicited.
Estate planning, wills, and deep family and financial issues are extremely sensitive issues by their very nature. Mr. Rosenkranz’s firm was exceptional and gave me full confidence that these sensitive issueswere professionally and responsibly handled in the kindest way for my family and I highly recommend him for anybody requiring trust and estate planning. « less

Avvo ★★★★★
a client 
My husband had been diagnosed with Lewy Body Dementia about 4 years ago, and recently he was admitted to the hospital. He was not improving, and I was told he needed to be in a nursing home. Everything happened so fast, and I was unsure of what to do. My daughter, who lives in a different state, found Rosenkranz’s law firm online. I called the number and Jack Rosenkranz answered the phone. I explained the situation, and he said I can help you file for Medicaid, and my husband was transferred to the nursing home. Jack said he works with his staff, Rachel and Brook, as a team. Early in this process, I called the office with a dire concern about the application process, and Rachel told me that Mr. Rosenkranz was out of the country for about 10 days. Honestly, I panicked, but after about 15 minutes I received a phone call from him – he was at the airport out of the country, yet he reassured me that everything was going to be OK. He came back from his trip, and I had a meeting with the team. Words can’t express the feeling of honest truth about them. They are very professional, give very detailed information, and most importantly, have compassion for their clients. I can attest to w, as a team, this office works to help their clients. Mr. RosenKranz was honest and never guaranteed any result, but he said he will do his best, and he definitely did. I couldn’t be happier with the results and with the firm. Thank you. « less

Avvo ★★★★★
anonymous December 14, 2018
My Mom was unexpectedly placed in a 24-hour Skilled Nursing Facility where Medicare would only cover expenses for a very short time. Within a few days of her being admitted to the Skilled Nursing Facility we were providentially lead to attend a seminar by the San Diego Elder Law Center with Mr. Lindsley as speaker. What encouraging information was presented and an appointment was scheduled. We retained the services of Mr. Lindsley and his Elder Law Center with full knowledge what to expect, and not to expect, from their services. My Mom was placed under MediCal within a very reasonable amount of time relieving and reducing a significant monetary burden that she would not have been able to maintain. Our thanks and gratefulness to Mr. Lindsley and his group, especially Liz, cannot be fully expressed in this review. Thank you from the bottom of our hearts for what you did for my Mom! « less